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Wall Lights

Choosing Wall Lights from Nicholas Engert Interiors

Wall Lights

We use wall lights to create atmosphere where either softer lighting is required or for practical purposes such as bathrooms, garden or utility areas.

As with table and pendant lights we offer a variety of styles including classic, modern and retro - each with a distinctive look and each selected for their shape, size and variety of finishes available.

Wall - Classic, Contemporary or Retro?

Nickel plated wall light with cream lampshade

Classic Wall Lights

We have put together an exquisite collection of classic wall lights which add a touch of elegance to both traditional and modern interiors.

There are numerous options available but we have split ours into three broad groups, namely decorative sconces, library lights and bathroom lights.

Decorative wall sconces are most useful in corridors and halls but we avoid their use in dining rooms and living spaces as the light may throw unpleasant shadows whilst not providing useful light.

Conversely, library lights are useful and practical in studies or home offices as with flexible arms the light can be positioned just where it is required.

Contemporary Wall Lights

We love some of the wall lights from Italian designers Catellani and Smith.  They produce statement pieces which create visual excitement in both modern and, when used carefully, in traditional interiors. 

Their use of gold and silver leaf creates a glowing effect which is delicate and impressive in equal measure.

Silver leaf LED wall light

Retro Wall Lights

We use these retro style wall lights where a vintage feel is required.  They are also a great addition to utility areas or kitchens where a rustic lighting effect is required.

Included in this collection are exterior rated light fittings which are useful for gardens or as bathroom lights. Some are copies of marine lights and have a workmanlike look and come in a variety of finishes including brass, antique nickel, polished brass as well as powder coated finishes.

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