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Candle Shades

Candle shades are a simple and inexpensive way to add light and interest to the dining table or mantlepiece.


Our decorative candle shades for use with both real or oil filled candles are both practical and stylish - they soften the candlelight and thereby produce a warm and inviting atmosphere on your dining table or side table particularly during the winter months.

They look great for both formal or informal dining and with over a hundred different shades to choose from including plain card, printed card and metal shades, they add a colourful finishing touch to any table.  We have added some more seasonally decorated shades to add a bit of fun to a setting and create a festive atmosphere.

Take a look at our collection of candle shades  

We have a large selection of candle shades in a variety of colours, textures and printed designs.

Most of the candle shades we offer are printed or textured card and designed to sit on our standard candle shade carrier.

We used to have a small selection of metal candle shades but sadly due to production costs we can no longer offer these.

Candle shades require the correct accessories

Candle shades are supported on carriers and we offer a variety to suit dining candles or electric lamps such as the candle or golf ball style. The most commonly used is the brass carrier illustrated on the left.

We sell ivory dining candles in either 10" or 12" sizes.  Our candles are designed not to bend or drip excessively when burning.  This is essential to ensure that the candle remains upright when lit.