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Table Lights

Choosing Table Lights from Nicholas Engert Interiors

Table Lights

Table Lights come in a multitude of shapes and sizes and a bewildering array of colours and textures.

We have created curated collections of lighting to enhance both modern and traditional interiors and below we offer some guidance notes on selecting the best table lamp for your interior. We also provide links to other lighting elements such as pendants, floor lights and wall lights which may need to be considered as part of your lighting scheme.

Table Lights - Classic or Contemporary?

Classic Table Lights

We offer a beautiful collection of classic table lights that add style and atmosphere to living rooms, bedrooms and other areas where soft light and elegance are required.

We can also offer a range of shades although we tend to stay with the classic Empire shape for most lamps as these are always the most elegant.

When choosing table lights ensure you select an appropriate height for the space and match this with the correct size of shade.  

Contemporary Table Lights

Whilst we love classic table lights we are just as happy using modern light fittings in the right situation.

Do not be afraid to add a modern table light to a traditional room - the contrast between an antique piece of furniture and a modern light fitting is exciting and adds interest to the room.

All modern light fittings will use LED as the light source and where possible we recommend a light colour temperature no higher than 2700K - in other words a warm light.

Cordless Table Lamps

Cordless table lamps are the perfect solution for dining tables or other locations where there is no local power supply. Ideal for outdoor dining in the garden during the summer and early autumn.

These lamps can be recharged and will then operate for up to 8 hours on a full charge.

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