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Pendant Lights

Choosing Pendant Lights from Nicholas Engert Interiors

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are available in many sizes, shapes and finishes, however, we tend to focus on pendants for specific purposes.

We particularly like lanterns for porches and hallways and have an excellent selection from which to choose.  We also love the retro look and feel of pendants from the early twentieth century using holophane glass or metal shades which can look really stylish in kitchens and dining rooms.

Pendant Lights - Classic, Contemporary or Retro?

Classic Pendant Lights

We offer a beautiful collection of classic pendant lights that add style and atmosphere to entrances, porches and hallways or landings.

Give consideration to the size and height of the space before selecting a lantern.  They need a reasonable drop from the ceiling to be at their most elegant - if the fitting is too close to the ceiling it will look oversized for the height of the room.

We also recommend using the smallest candle lamps available and there are some excellent LED versions now available.  Let us know if you require assistance with finding the right lamps.

Contemporary Pendant Lights

Thanks to the increasing use of LED technology it is now possible to produce smaller pendants that can be either practical or stylish or both.

We particularly like the work of designers like Catellani & Smith who blend light and art into very beautiful fittings.

When choosing contemporary lighting, the details and the finish are what will make the luminaire stand out and in itself adds excitement to the lighting design.

Retro Pendant Lights

There is a growing interest in vintage and retro style lighting and we therefore have added a number of fittings that we believe are workmanlike and stylish for both the modern and traditional interior.

These fittings are ideal over kitchen tables or islands or even in dining rooms if the overall feel and style of the room is right.

We prefer the naked "bulb" to be hidden as much as possible by the shade which will help soften and diffuse the light to be more comfortable.

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