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Brighten Your Home With Spring 2022 Designs

Brighten Your Home With Spring 2022 Designs

Warm air and bright blue skies can make such a difference, which is why people walk around with a spring in their step when they see the first signs of, well, spring. Unsurprisingly then, lots of us want to replicate this feeling in their homes too, which is why you might be keen on brightening up your home for the season.

Here are our latest tips on what will be hot in interior design trends for spring 2022 that you won’t want to miss out on.


  • Lighter, brighter curtains

You can’t, of course, redecorate your house every time the seasons change, but there are simple alterations you can make to the décor to complement the weather outside.

For instance, now is the ideal time to swap heavy, dark curtains for lighter, brighter ones. Not only do you no longer require the warmth of thick drapes to keep your home cosy, but “brighter colours ‘sing’ in the clear daylight (shades that might lose their vibrancy in winter’s cooler light)”, according to Homes And Gardens.

As well as opting for less heavy curtains, why not fit ones that have more colourful, spring-related prints?

The publication added: “We can create a synergy between inside and out by introducing floral and botanical prints that connect our homes to the environment around us.”


  • Have a ‘spring clean’

Having a ‘spring clean’ has long been a popular thing to do at this time of the year, with homeowners keen to throw out lots of their junk and make way for new interior design items.

Spring cleaning will be even more popular this year, as the minimalist trend is still going strong, so decluttering your home could help create the illusion of more space and a cleaner look.

Minimalism heralded from Japanese culture and philosophy, creating a simplicity to a home and eventually, achieving inner peace.

Though this concept might sound easy enough, it is actually pretty difficult to get it right. You need to be ruthless with what you get rid of. At this time of the year, it makes sense to do away with darker, heavier, more ‘wintry’ items that you won’t need in the warmer months, such as draught excluders, heavy throws, and thick rugs.

You could either replace these with simpler, more neutral items, or make the most of the opportunity to have a simpler, more minimalistic look to your home – at least for a few months of the year.


  • Japandi interior design

Speaking of Japanese influences, Japandi is still a trend that is going strong. This east-meets-west style combines the best of Japanese interiors and Scandinavian aesthetics to create a neutral vibe based on natural décor.

One of the best things about introducing Japandi design into your home is that it is known for creating a relaxing ambience, helping homeowners reconnect with nature thanks to its wooden furniture, earthen colours and additions of plant life. 


  • Add flower arrangements

While you may choose to swap furniture for wooden pieces or create a statement wall with jungle wallpaper, you can embrace nature in your home in a less permanent way – by simply filling it with flowers.

Consider putting ever-green trees in your bathrooms and living rooms, vases of freshly picked wildflowers on your tables, and a pretty reef of florals on your front door.

Don’t use all your interior design ideas up for Easter, and make your spring theme last for the whole season. For instance, you could keep your Easter tree up and add colourful ornaments to it that reflect spring or hang up brightly-coloured bunting in your hallway to create a celebratory feeling as you arrive home.

Make the most of your console table with a floral centrepiece, so visitors can both see and smell the beautiful flowers of the season as they step through your front door.


  • Create a calm space

The world is still living in the shadow of the pandemic, which means more and more people want their home to be their safe space and their calm space, where they can escape the stress of the news and can unwind.

That is why you might want to choose peaceful tones for the walls – such as Sorrento pink, light blue and brushed grey – and focus on soothing lighting.

Opt for dimly-lit bedside lamps, chandeliers, table or floor lights, and wall lamps that can all be turned on or off to create as much light or darkness as you desire.


Take a look at our Bouillette lamp for a statement piece that can also set the tone for a relaxing night in.

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