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Top Tips For Using Bright Colours For A Room Design

Top Tips For Using Bright Colours For A Room Design

Spring is a season for renewal, for letting the sunshine in and adopting a bright outlook when it comes to interior design, rugs and cushions.

However, bright colours are sometimes quite a difficult option to add to a design, as unlike neutrals and softer tones they inherently capture the eye and inflame the senses.

Done effectively, bright colours can create an exceptionally striking, unique and beautiful look, but it is often an element of risk that is not as commonly seen with neutral shades and requires a larger commitment.

With that said, here are some top tips for incredibly effective use of bright primary colours in interior design.


Build Around A Statement

When in doubt, the best way to build any design is based around a central statement piece that you love that frames the room, shapes its purpose and around which every other design decision is made.

For example, if you have a uniquely vibrant table, sofa or bed, this forms a centrepiece that can either be complimented or contrasted against.


Experiment With Accessories

If you want to or need to keep your neutral shades, an effective compromise is to use furnishings and accessories to inject drops of colour onto a more plain backdrop.

Not only can this inject personality into rooms that can sometimes feel muted, but also allows you to play with different colour schemes, find particular combinations you like and can be easily modified and switched up with little effort.

It is also an affordable starting point before you opt for a more dramatic statement piece.


Use A Monochromatic Backdrop

One of the best ways to use bright colours in a design scheme is as a focal point in combination with more subdued shades.

There are generally two ways to take full advantage of this; one approach is to use whites and creams with standout colours to make a brighter room feel even brighter.

The other is to set a bright statement piece against a darker backdrop to make it stand out even further.


Try Pink Accents In The Bedroom

Many bright colours do not work especially well in a bedroom, as the intense colours can sometimes be too much in a room you expect to sleep in.

One of the exceptions to this rule is pink, which provides a bright and effective look, but without the distracting intensity of red.

Pair a vivid pink with either a soothing green or a pale blue, along with soft, natural textures that create a relaxing, contemporary, bold look.


Take Inspiration From Unconventional Places

Your living space reflects your personality, interests and overall lifestyle, and when using bold, unconventional styles, you can take inspiration from unique places.

An emerging trend in kitchen designs is to seek inspiration from sweet treats and cakes, using a range of different bright pastels that are mixed together to create an eclectic mix of colours and patterns.

Take inspiration from places you have been and sights that have had a particular impact on you when crafting your distinct, personal style.

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