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Give Your Interior A Natural Look For Summer

Give Your Interior A Natural Look For Summer

If you are planning a revamp of your interior, you will no doubt be looking at what the experts say are the styles that are ‘in’ this year.

Of course, when it comes to interior décor, design or fashion, there are always many different predictions out there, either about upcoming seasons or, every January, about the year as a whole. To read several is often to invite uncertainty and confusion.

However, for that very reason it can be very refreshing when a clear consensus emerges, suggesting there is a lot of agreement about what the emerging trends really are.

That could certainly be said about this summer. For example, both Foyr and Country Living have emphasised a look based on bringing the garden to the indoors, with plenty of plants and a natural, verdant look about the interior.

In the case of Foyr, it commented: “Nothing says summer like lush green trees and blooming flowers,” suggesting the installation of plants such as a monster, snake plant or other tall standing plants. Those who are not green-fingered should go for realistic-looking imitation plants.

For Country Living, the wonder of plants is emphasised very strongly. Speaking to the magazine, Camilla Clarke, Creative Director at interior design studio Albion Nord, said: “Now is the perfect time to lean on your old friends, the house plants.”

She added: “shake things up by re-locating them so rooms in your home gain a new lease of life,” noting that they not only increase oxygen levels, but also “boost your mood and productivity levels” through their pleasant smell.

All this is a clear endorsement of getting lots of plants into your interior this summer or, to give it the fancy term Country Living uses, biophilic design.

A good question that may be asked, however, is what sort of lighting will fit with all this foliage. A good answer may be a cordless desk lamp, so that if your workspace is surrounded by plants there won’t be a lead getting in the way and you don’t need to worry if the plant pot is obscuring the plug socket. After all, you wouldn’t want a tangled cord to pull a plant down or damage it.

A cordless lamp may also fit in with another theme suggested by Country Living, which is of decluttering. Of course, that can simply involve chucking out a lot of stuff you don’t need or want, but it can also highlight the value of items that don’t take up a lot of space, or multi-purpose items.

Of course, there were still some differences between the ideas suggested. When it comes to colour, Country Living said that green is the “standout colour trend” for spring and summer 2022. By contrast, Foyr reminded us that classic blue is the Pantone colour of the year for 2022.

Still, as everyone has their own favourite colours, this sort of thing should not matter too much. The key is that if you create lots of space and add some foliage to give it a natural look, it makes sense that your lights should not take up too much space or disturb the organic scene - whatever colour the lamps are.

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