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Styling Your Home For The Summer

Styling Your Home For The Summer

Summer is in full swing and it’s the best time to revamp your space. It might seem a shame to retire the cosy throws and warm lighting but making the most of the summer sun is a great way to open up your space and refresh your life. 

Summer is bright and bold and having a home that reflects the carefree feel of the holidays is in! Introducing pops of colour and rearranging your furniture to open up a space and make it welcoming is a fantastic way to prepare your home for guests. 

There are a range of fantastic ways you can bring some summer joy into your home without making any permanent changes, while also staying on trend

For example, having bright and bold patterned prints on display in your home is a fantastic way to have customisable decoration that can be changed with the seasons. Colourful floral patterns and abstract prints in a vibrant colour palette can instantly add a pop of happiness into any space, but can be easily changed to something calm and cosy for the colder months. 

Changing out your fabric decorations is another way to temporarily switch to your home. Swapping your heavy blackout curtains for light and airy window coverings instantly brightens up a room and also helps to keep you cool by allowing more air flow. Swapping cushion covers over to more adventurous patterns and colours can add a touch of fun to your living area.

If you are feeling slightly more adventurous, you may even want to step outside the realm of temporary and add a splash of fun to your home by creating a statement wall. Bold paint or wallpaper to inspire a holiday feel is a great way to spice up your space, bright colours like yellow and orange add warmth and happiness to any room whilse still remaining stylish. 

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