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Winter Ebbs Away And Spring Rushes In

Winter Ebbs Away And Spring Rushes In

Today marks the official start of spring.  Winter's grip is easing and there is plenty of evidence in the countryside and along the hedgerows of that wonderful rebirth that happens every year. This winter has felt longer than usual but with lengthening days and brighter skies we start to feel more alive.  

The English countryside is at its best in spring and we have a little way to go before we see it in all its magnificence but the signs are there from the bright daffodils to the magnolia and pussy willow.


Countryside in spring

River Kennet with willow trees in spring

Helebores in spring

Hedgerow in spring

The emerging growth of the hedgerows are so vibrant and fresh it lifts the spirits and we become more attuned to the wonders of nature and the growing season ahead.

Landscape under a cloudy sky

Black cocker spaniel

Everyday Louis joins me on my country walks but it is exceptionally rare that he will sit still long enough to have his photo taken.  He is restless - always on the go, investigating, sniffing, hunting and doing what spaniels do best of all: giving pleasure to those who care for them.

Salix, pussy willow in spring

Salix, or better known as pussy willow alongside the canal.  

Salix, Pussy willow in spring

Daffodils in flower

Magnolia in bud in the spring

This splendid magnolia always puts on a tremendous show in the spring.  Sadly last year whilst in full bloom we had a cold snap that scorched all of the flowers leaving it looking very sorry for itself. 

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