Hanford Table Lamp

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Defined by its pear shape, this ceramic table lamp has a blue painted glaze reminiscent of night skies.

The Hanford Table Lamp has a stoneware body with a hand painted semi-translucent glaze. Every piece is unique due to the variability of this studio-style glazing process. Additionally, size and shape may vary slightly.

The blue semi-translucent glaze gives this lamp its individuality and characterful style.

Designed and made in England. 

Height 42.1cm
Width 31.7cm
Depth 31.7cm
Finishes Glazed Ceramic
Base material Stoneware
Lampshade Shown with: 18" Warwick Laminated Shade in Lily Linen (lampshade sold separately) - select "With Lampshade" if you wish to order the lampshade shown
Delivery 3/4 weeks from date of order
Note This item is custom made to order so can not be returned for refund