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FAQ - Lighting

Frequently Asked Questions

Cable lengths

Q - What is the standard length of cable supplied on light fittings?
A - 2.5m is the standard on table and floor lights.  Extra cable and dimmer switches can be supplied at extra cost.

Lamp holders

Q - What is the standard lamp holder supplied for the UK?
A - Bayonet Cap (BC), however, we can supply Edison Screw (ES) on request.


Q - Do table lamps have the switch at the lamp holder or on the cable?
A - As standard, table lamps are supplied with inline switches placed at 40cm from the lamp base. 

Q - Can I have the light fitting without a push bar switch at the lamp holder?
A - Yes, please advise at the time of order.

Q - Are wall lamps fitted with switches?
A - Most wall lights do not have switches.  The following wall lights are fitted with BC lamp holders and have switches at the holder -

  • Library Swing Arm Lamps
  • Preston Swing Arm Lamp
  • Oban Rise & Fall Lamp

All other swing arm lamps are fitted with ES lamp holders as standard but can be wired with a switched BC lamp holder if required.


Q - What colour flex is used on the fittings?
A - For most brass and bronze items the flex is gold unless stated otherwise.  For nickel or glass items the flex is silver twisted flex.

Q - Can I order a different type or colour of flex?
A - Yes - we are happy to supply other flexes usually at no extra cost.


Q - What is the standard plug supplied on table lamps?
A - The standard plug for the UK is a white 13A type.  We can also offer a 5A plug at no extra cost. If the lamp is required for use in Europe or North America please advise us and we can supply a plug suitable for these locations.


Q - How accurate are the images in representing colours and finishes?
A - As accurate as our technology allows.  We take care to represent colours and finishes as faithfully as possible, however, no two computer screens are identical. We believe, however, that our images are of a high enough quality to enable you to select our fittings in confidence.

Craquelle finishes, however, are notoriously difficult to reproduce and can vary from batch to batch.  We would recommend requesting an image of stock items for approval prior to ordering.