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FAQ - Baskets

Frequently Asked Questions


Q - What are the baskets made from?
A - Our rush baskets are made from unbleached and undyed Suffolk rush.

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Q - Can you make special sizes?
A - Yes, please send us the size you require and we will send you a quotation.

Q - Do I need to purchase a liner for the baskets?
A - A liner is not necessary, however, the basket will retain its shape for a great deal longer with a liner than without.  It will also extend the life span of the basket.

Q - Can I add a liner to a basket at a later date?
A - No. Baskets with liners must be ordered at the same time as the basket is built around the liner.  A liner can not then successfully be inserted into a rush basket.

Q - Can you make liners in other materials other than galvanised steel?
A - Yes - we can make them in brass or copper on demand.  If you require a special liner in these materials we will have to prepare a quotation on request.

Q - How do I maintain the basket for a long life?
A - Follow these steps to keep your basket looking good -

  • Do not overload a basket without a liner.  
  • Leave unlined baskets empty, if possible, over the summer months when fires are not required. 
  • Avoid the basket drying out too much by lightly spraying with water on a regular basis. This will keep the rush supple and prevent it becoming brittle.
Q - Why is the delivery period quoted so long?
A - Our baskets are hand made to order by a small team of craftsmen and this takes time.  There is no shortcuts to making them faster.