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How To Improve Your Mental Health Through Interior Design

How To Improve Your Mental Health Through Interior Design

Our homes are our castles and our safe havens, somewhere we can go to escape the hectic nature of day to day life - and they’ve really come into their own over the last 18 months, with the pandemic forcing us all to spend increasing amounts of time at home… which has led to all sorts of renovation projects springing up all over the UK.

It would be no surprise if you were feeling a little overwhelmed with everything that’s happened since March last year, but have you ever thought about using your interior design choices to help give your mood a bit of a boost?

There are no end of ways in which you can transform your interiors to help support your mental health and wellbeing, so it’s simply a matter of sitting down to do some research and see which ideas spark some creative thinking within you.

One of the top interior trends to have emerged in recent months is biophilia, bringing the outside in and really connecting with nature in a very meaningful way.

Choose materials, fabrics and textures that reflect the natural environment and you can’t go wrong - and make sure that you make heavy investments in lots of beautiful house plants… a really quick win where decorating is concerned.

A minimalist approach to interiors can also help boost your mood, as it can help declutter your home (tidy house, tidy mind!) and create a sense of calm and peace at home, with everything in your house having its own specific purpose.

And your colour scheme is also very important when it comes to improving your mental health at home. Colour psychology is certainly interesting to learn about and you’ll discover that colour choice can make you feel angrier, sadder, happier, calmer… it all comes down to the shades you go for.

Greens and blues, for example, can be very calming and serene, while red has a lot more energy to it - so think about how you want to use colour in the various parts of your home.

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