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Colourful Options For Autumn

Colourful Options For Autumn

Few people like to acknowledge that summer is coming to an end, with the days getting shorter and colder, although there are some who genuinely love autumn with its rich tapestry of golds, browns and reds.

Whichever category you ‘fall’ into, there is no better way to brighten up your home in autumn than by adding a bit of style, especially if it’s in the form of some warm extras. After all, what can be better as the nights draw in than illuminating them in a way that adds a sense of cosiness and comfort?

Luxury throw blankets certainly fit the bill, providing style and extra warmth on chilly days. Moreover, the right design will fit well with the latest interior trends.

The adoption of natural colours has been one of the big themes of 2021 and this has often had a seasonal element, with some suggesting that earthy shades and greens were increasingly in vogue as spring transitioned into summer.

Of course, sometimes it is no bad thing to remind ourselves of the evergreen nature of much of the foliage we see around us. Indeed, that choice can be ideal for those who will lament the passing of the verdant seasons that run from March and August.

However, those who love to embrace the tones of autumn can still stay very natural in keeping with the golds and browns that will soon decorate the foliage before cascading to earth.

Moreover, warm colours are always a welcome element of any home, especially in the chillier times of year. Of course, none of that means you can turn off the heating, but it adds to the sense of comfort if you can spend this period in such surroundings.

We should never forget that these colours absolutely dominate autumn, not just because of nature. Orange is a prominent colour because of Halloween pumpkins (this being a seasonal veg anyway) and bonfire flames, although a more understated, burnt orange may look better than a more garish shade to maintain a natural look.

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