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Top Tips For Injecting Colour Into Your Home

The age of minimalism is over, at least for now as the biggest trend in Autumn interior design is all about embracing bright, vibrant colours once again.

After a period of interior design spanning over three decades and incorporating styles such as Japandi, Ma, hygge, modern farmhouse and neo-industrial, amongst many other philosophies, minimalism is no longer at the forefront of our homes and our lives.

With people spending more time at home and one of the biggest cultural shifts in the history of interior design since the sudden disappearance of Memphis Milano, people are using their homes as testbeds for bold new designs, patterns and colour combinations.

If this is something you would also like to try, here are some top tips for bringing colour into your home again.

Use Colour To Play With Space

One of the biggest reasons why neutral colours have been so popular for so long is because they help make even the smallest room feel airy and spacious, and this can be used to a designer’s advantage to shape a room in a certain way.

If you have a large living room, using bold, deep colours or colour-blocking the wall with a mix of light and dark can help make a room feel closer and cosier.

Choose Brave Accents

A room with a lot of a single colour can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it only takes a few accent pieces, such as a contrasting shade of curtain or bright cushions and furnishings to make the world of difference.

As well as this, if you have flat-coloured walls, marry them with patterned curtains, furnishings or an accent wall to create a unique, attractive contrast.

Follow Your Heart

The best interior designs come from self-expression, and as a result, the best colours to choose are the ones you are instinctively drawn to. Interior design is ultimately lived-in art, and the best artistic works are ones that reveal a deeper internal truth about the artist.

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