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Candle Shade Set-Metal Coolie

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Soften the candlelight on your dining table with these decorative candle shade sets which look elegant and stylish. The decorative shade is mounted on a carrier that enables the shade to move as the candle burns down.

The Candle Shade Set comprises - 

  • Metal Coolie Candle Shade
  • Brass Shade Carrier
  • Four Cream Candles
  • Brass Candlestick

The items in the above set may be purchased individually.


Top Diameter - 5.0cm ø

Bottom Diameter - 17.0cm ø
Slope - 12.5cm

Full height - 49.0cm

Delivery 2/3 weeks from date of order


Warning - Attention should be paid to the following safety notes when using these shades -

ALWAYS ensure that the candle holder has a deep enough hole to hold the candle vertical and secure.

ALWAYS use the correct candles.  The candles should be straight sided 22mm diameter candles containing a minimum of 20% stearine (paraffin wax). DO NOT use tapered candles.  We recommend that you use our candles which are designed for the purpose.

ALWAYS remove any hard wax from inside the shade carrier before re-use.  NEVER remove the shade carrier from the candle by twisting.

NEVER let a candle burn below a minimum length of 100m (4") from the base of the candle. Should the shade carrier become stuck to the candle, merely relight the stub of the candle and when the brass is heated through it can easily be removed.

CARD shades are NOT flame proof!